Friday, August 15, 2008

Independence Day, Smile

Smile.. offers these gems (picked up from different blogs):

Alan Greenspan is going to keep calling a bottom in the housing market until he is correct.

Good news, the stock market is less overvalued than it used to be.

Inflation surges, but “Recession kills inflation.”

The S&P is now “outperforming” indices in the so-called Bric countries (down 12 per cent instead of Brazil’s 15 per cent, China’s 54 per cent and Russia and India’s circa-20 per cent).

Value managers are preaching patience in light of recent underperformance.

Investing rules to live by: “If Jim Cramer likes the CEO and says buy, you should sell.”

The Russian economy is set-up to profit a diminishing number of individuals.

(And, India ?? )
Keep visiting, with three days for holidays, I hope to write a lot.

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Kaushik said...

Wish you a proud and happy Independence Day Sudarshan!
Indian GDP grows
Indian currency appreciates across all basket
Global investors rely on Indians
Indian products appreciated allover
All Indians get 100% more food,water,electricity and wealth

Thanks and Regards