Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Waiting for the Parliament Vote

The Nifty finished another day with big gains, making it three in a row. The Index is at 4159.50 within strking distance of the previous pivot high made at 4200.
If the Nifty closes above 4200, it will make a pattern of higher highs. This will break the bearish pattern of lower highs being made since April. Once a pattern of higher highs is confirmed, Intermediate traders (These are investors who may wish to take trading positions for a few days to a few weeks) can choose any one of the two options: They can start buying / investing now, or they can wait for a correction and then enter the market once it is evident that the correction will stop above the last low made at 3800. (This means a pattern of higher lows is confirmed).
There is no 'right' way. Early entry gives an advantage if the up trend continues. Waiting for a correction is safer since the trader / investor avoids the prospects of a false breakout. IThis is a decision that the trader has to make.
A numbr of individual stocks have made bullish patterns, mainly bullish head and shoulders in their charts. This does suggest that stocks are going through a bottoming out process.
We assume that we remain in a bear market. If the Nifty goes above 4200, the intermediate trend will change to up, but the primary trend will remain down.

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