Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Drop of Water

A Zen master named Gisan asked a young student to bring him a pail of water to cool his bath.
The student brought the water and, after cooling the bath, threw on to the ground the little that was left over.
"You dunce!" the master scolded him. "Why didn't you give the rest of the water to the plants? What right have you to waste even one drop of water in this temple?"
The young student attained Zen in that instant. He changed his name to Tekisui, which means a drop of water.
Have you attained Zen in your trading ?
What right have you to lose the money that belongs to your wife, children, parents, brothers & sisters ? If you trade recklessly, without a trading plan, you are likely to suffer losses, often large losses. But the money you lose belongs to your family. You are only a trustee. Traders who lose money by poorly planned trading operations are doing injustice to their family.
On Saturday, I was in Bangalore participating as a speaker in an Investor Camp organized by CNBC. This must have been my 21st camp. How time flies ! The new Bangalore Airport was about one and a half hours away from the hotel, Leela Kempski. Sometimes, it took two hours to reach the airport, therefore I was advised to start early. The airport opened about a week ago, but already feels crowded. There were flights from Bangalore to Hyderabad, Chennai & Mangalore. All of these are short distance flights, which can be better served by an efficient, fast train system. But we do not have such train systems. My Kingfisher flight was leaving half full ( or half empty..), with flights from Indigo, Jet and Air India leaving for Delhi almost at the same time. I assume these also has empty seats. Surely, this is a waste as four aircraft fly to the same destination, at the same time all of them half full. We may not be aware but an ecological disaster stares India in the face. Take care, save water, help the environment, as much as you can.